Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Contempleting the Meaning .............

A young couple with a four-year-old girl brought home a new born baby boy. They soon learned though, that their little girl would have nothing to do with him while the parents were in the room. This was very disturbing because she wouldn't say why. They had no idea of her intentions, could she be jealous? But that wouldn't be clear unless they did as she desired. And she insisted it was the only way she would make contact with the baby.

This went on for several days and still the little girl refused to have anything to do with the infant while the parents were there. And she refused to say why. Knowing that they had to begin a relationship between their children the parents came up with a solution. They would listen in on the baby monitor while the little girl visited the baby. So they placed the baby in its crib next to the monitor and allowed the little girl to go into the room - alone. As she closed the door behind her they ran around and listened intently at the monitor.

They heard her across the room to the crib. The crib creaked slightly as the little girl leaned over the rail. Then silence. The parents held their breath in anticipation. Then, in the slightest whisper, the little girl said only one thing to the baby. "
Tell me about God. I'm starting to forget."
Sean Penn told that story on Charlie Rose, and I am sure, most would echo my sentiment of how greatly moved they are to hear that story. Most people relate the term God to religion or spirituality. To me, the way I understand God; it is my inner realization and awakening to things. It's never about going to the temple or church or believing in Hinduism or Christianity or Islam. It's all about finding that inner peace and understanding the meaning of life.

In the grand scheme of things we were all created for some specific purposes and we also had our predetermined particular stations in life, but how do I find that? Who can tell me that this is what I was meant for and this is the course of action I should take as a pathway to the attainment of my goal? Every experience that we go through in life is so unique and unrelated to each other!! Sometimes we just feel there is nothing on this earth that we have control over and that our strings are being pulled over or manipulated through some vague source which falls beyond the sphere of understanding of a mortal being.

These questions often keep me busy and my mind well oiled. But after I heard that story, I figured that may be I found my answer. As long as we don’t forget the source of our creation and try to stay connected with it in any way possible, there is meaning in life. We are often looking for that one superior cause to make a difference in order to find the meaning, and in the process, trample upon all other opportunities considering them small or worthless. There is, however, meaning in each one of them. We are often trying to understand the entire world and society but never take a moment to connect with our own self and spend time with our inner core. We are trying to bring a change in to the world but never try to figure out that perhaps, our own outlook may also need a change………….

We may probably never find the meaning of our existence,but as long as we don’t forget where we came from and are able to connect with it and understand who we are, there is perhaps meaning in life……………………