Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life is not normal until we live in fear..#Mumbaiterroristattack 2008

Now the world powers will be able to understand the strategic role India plays on the world map, some lamented. Some tried to liken the attack to 9/11 and some tried to contemplate the possible terrorist organizations that led the massacre. Some watched in horror and some in amazement with extreme disbelief. There were onlookers outside the hotel Taj to see our brave army and navy commandos in action. We watched each move and action commending our army who laid their lives for the safety of their country men and women.

But while the news was flashing with latest updates each minute, what really made me bewildered and choked my throat in pain was watching a baby girl who had lost her parents in the attack, a 13 year old boy who had lost everybody in his family - his parents, his siblings, and on top of that, he himself was so badly hurt that the doctors didn’t have the courage to tell him the truth. Then there was a man who was returning to his hometown after a vacation, lost each and every member of his family in the attack. Those eyes, those vacant gloomy eyes kept me up many nights. I woke up in fear a couple of times as the scene of those miscreants disguised as patrol jeeps opened fire at the hapless crowd running towards them for help thinking they are police officers. The trust was broken, the faith was shattered. These are the common people of any country who suffer the severest consequences without any understanding of whatever happened and why? What would that baby understand about the world politics and what would she care why some terrorist organizations have a mission to destroy some countries. What would a 13 year old with dreams and aspirations in his eyes understand why some don't want them to have any dreams!

After a couple of days, the media reported that the situation has come back to normal. Local trains started, people resumed their work, and everything is under control. Really? I asked myself. Just because the Bombay stock exchange is back in action full swing and the sound of those locals have started roaring again in the city, life really became normal? Are these the parameters to gauge the normalcy of any situation? How many of them are fearless now that nothing can happen to them the next moment? How many of them feel safe going to work in a high rise building without any fear, and how many are even enjoying their fun leisurely activities such as shopping without fear that some gunmen or shooters would not just pop out from any vague corner and start shooting at the crowd! Would the life really ever become normal for that baby who would recognize her parents only through pictures? Where would that 13 year old go for guidance and support in his life? How normal will the life be for that man who would go back to an empty house and empty walls with pictures of his family all over?

Until we live in a world where things happen beyond the understanding of a common man the life does not turn to normalcy. Unless we are able to board a flight without fear that there would not be any liquid explosive planted somewhere in the form of a shampoo bottle or toothpaste, life doesn’t become normal. We are getting accustomed to living in a world where there is no safety for life. Every time after such incidents, the intellectuals sit in a panel and discuss all about where and how and what these terrorist organizations are doing. Which country and which place will be their next target and how some had intelligence report about this massacre but the Indian politicians in this situation failed and didn’t take any adequate measures to possibly prevent the crime. It is customary to watch reports of ongoing  investigations and the world leaders pinning blames on terrorist organizations of a particular faith and discuss intelligence report.

Unfortunately, until there is an organization out there whose mission is to destroy the world peace and whose hatred for the humanity is so profound that it is brain damaging the young minds to sacrifice their lives for the mission, the ultimate goal of which is to annihilate the world in flames, we cannot claim that life is normal.

When I turn on the security system at night before going to bed, and think that I have probably secured the safety of my family for the night, my heart bleeds thinking about all the kids and babies, the most innocent victims of  such massacres, now have nobody to turn to for their safety in this unsafe world...