Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is feminism outdated????

Whenever the question of feminism occurred, I thought to myself, ah, that’s an outdated concept. Society has come a long way since women did not have any powers to live the life she wanted for herself, it has come a long way since the time they did not have any freedom of choice and it has come a long way since today they are just not a “woman” anymore, but a person of strength and character and integrity and at the same time, also someone who can falter and make mistakes and not always come out as epitome of perfection. Just because they are venturing into the path predominantly occupied by a man they do not have to be more-than- perfect to prove themselves.

Boy was I wrong……. witnessing how the media treated a woman candidate in her race for the highest office of the country. People had sympathy with Hillary Clinton for the first time when she lost the election and she deserved more sympathy on the day she quit the race and gave an emotional speech. Nobody ever liked her before because she did not flash the “woman contestant” card, rather somebody who had more experience, better plans and was resilient and strong and powerful. Throughout the campaign ,the 2 terminologies “an African American and a Woman” have been likened with each other as if being a woman is a class in itself; as if by virtue of being a woman they fell into a different category altogether.

I am truly appalled at the hypocrisy of the society. When Hillary Clinton said “today we made history by choosing an African American a nominee for the Democratic Party and a Woman being successful at hitting 18 million cracks in to the glass ceiling” the crowd went berserk and tearful. She had to play that “woman card” to get the mass moving I was thinking to myself. A woman is always required to maintain a balancing act between the tough and the feminine. Believe it or not, this primary season was undeniably disrespectful to a woman who instead deserved our utmost respect, just like any other candidate running for the highest office. Sexism played a big role into her failure!

The moment we start getting comfortable into the fact that society indeed has changed; a woman is not treated any differently from a man and has been offered the equal opportunities and equal status being crowned upon a man, we take a somersault back into the reality which seems way too different when confronted with a situation like this.

Seems like, it’s really hard to break the convention and the mind set. She had to fight during her school or college days on being mocked by the male students that a woman cannot become a president. 35 years later she is still fighting for the same, hoping that someday that won’t be a dream anymore……………..

Did feminism really become outdated?

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