Monday, November 12, 2007

My daughter, My Inspiration

The world through the eyes of a child seems like the most interesting place to live. It was Saumya’s (my 4 year old ) birthday on Oct 18. I went to her school with a beautiful marble cake with whipped cream toppings and exclusive decorations of Princess Barbie on top of it. Apart from that, I bought some birthday paper hats and paper whistle and small little candies. As I walked through the door, the excitement on the face of all the children was a delightful experience. As saumya cut the cake and distributed the goodie bags of Dora for girls and Soccer for boys, the kids almost jumped in excitement .The most exciting thing they found was the most inexpensive paper hats which I had got 2 for a quarter. They wore the hats and sang and clapped for saumya while she was cutting the cake. Saumya felt like a princess and the most important person on this earth which was evident through the proud feelings on her face. I was a quiet spectator to the joy of the moment and thought to myself that no other thing can even come closer to such an innocent pleasure and joy like this.

There are very few moments in life when people can call themselves to be truly happy without any associated worries and tensions of the adult life. That was one of the moments when my happiness was pure and pious. I was so overwhelmed at the expressions of the kids and seeing my daughter brimming with life and enthusiasm on her birthday that I almost forgot it was time to leave....... On my way out, the kids thanked me for bringing cake and gifts for them and saumya came running to hug me and kiss me goodbye. As I started driving, still lost in that priceless moment, caught myself thinking, how our birthdays come and go and instead of celebrating them and living in the joy of the moment, we sit back complaining about all that has gone wrong and how truly unhappy we are and how much we lack in comparison to so many people on this earth.

As we grow older, we start getting disconnected with our present .Every moment we are either thinking about what is beyond our control as that moment has gone by; or something which is still out there in the future. More often than not, my daughter makes me realize that today is the only reality and we should bask in the glory of each passing moment with it. Should something go wrong, my daughter tells me, her eyes sparkling, “its ok mommy we will get it right next time”. There is nothing impossible for her, there’s nothing unachievable for her. She is always ready and says brimming with enthusiasm“yes I can do this mommy”!!

This is what we are lacking in our lives, the power of now, the positivity and the ability to move on!!!!!

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