Monday, November 12, 2007

A Talent Show

“Star voice of India” modeled after “American idol” is one of the good programs that star TV has started recently. It’s refreshing to see that they are able to think beyond the rigmarole of saas - bahu(in-laws) drama. We got star TV because my husband wanted to watch the world cup finals. However, that didn’t serve any purpose coz, while we were still contemplating to buy the subscription for the match, which would cost us around $300/ , India was knocked out of the game. My husband was really sad but I was happy that our procrastination saved our money.
Now our Friday evenings are booked for this program. There is complete entertainment for 2 long hrs. First this one then comes laughter challenge which has a lot of originality in it. The participants are good, Sidhu’s opening remarks are original and kind of puts you in the mood! However, if they could do something about Shekhar Suman……….I would’ve enjoyed more.

The participants of the VOI are really talented though. Some of them have become extremely popular as well, as I saw in the news that after a couple of them got eliminated, the crowd went berserk. They took out a torch rally, burned the effigy of VOI and even decided to go and pay their tributes at Vaishno Devi and Ajmer Sharif for their favorites. It seemed like they are starting a political drama now. Well, how could any Indian program run without its uniqueness. Based on how it had been formatted, out of the final 12, every week, one participant, who got the lowest no. of votes would get eliminated. It’s been 10 weeks so far, so we were a little sad that in next 4 weeks this program would get over. But, like I said, how can it loose of the touch of Indianness………the judges fought over their favorites, they had to pacify the angry crowd and may be got a little inspired with Ekta Kapoor where everybody comes back to life after being completely wiped out of the scene. They decided to bring back some contestants who were eliminated, through a “wild card entry”. In the wild card entry, they called in the veterans of the music industry and supposedly, their decision would have been the final one. But after seeing that they didn’t pick up a candidate who happened to be the judge’s favorite, they used their Veto power. So instead of 4 , a number that they had originally decided to bring back , they picked 5. Now the program which was getting over in 4 weeks, got an extra life of supposedly 3 more weeks, but we never know.....

Well, good for the business, but that got me thinking , if they are so uncomfortable with the public vote why did they ever have to go for it in the 1st place? I am a big fan of the American Idol. There also we have seen some very good contestants loosing out based on the public vote, but they had the professionalism to stick to the original format and accept the decision of the masses with dignity. The talent show didn’t turn into a popularity contest. I don’t mean any disrespect, but I don’t like the idea of trying to win through emotional appeal. Calling one’s grandparents to get the masses moving is not fair to the other contestants. Well that’s another issue altogether.

I can’t wait to see who is going to be that lucky person who will wear the crown of VOI, or,will it be person(s)…………….!! We’ll see………………..

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